How to Use Failure as a Catalyst for Success with Jaclyn DiGregorio

Jaclyn DiGregorio is a life coach, motivational speaker and best-selling author. Jaclyn is passionate about helping women create a life where they truly “have it all.” At age 21, Jaclyn started her business from her dorm room at Georgetown University. Today, she has spoken at over 125 corporations, conferences and universities in 7 countries, and she is a Tedx speaker. Jaclyn has been featured by Forbes, Elite Daily, Bustle and Washington Business Journal, and her book has been featured on Good Morning Washington.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Jaclyn shares what inspired her to become a motivational speaker and what her journey has been like so far after starting her own business in her dorm room at just 21 years old. (3:21)
  • The ultimate push for Jaclyn to be an entrepreneur came from her desire to have fulfillment and autonomy over her business, the ability to achieve goals, and having freedom over her life and schedule and being able to be a leader and inspire people. (7:54) 
  • Drawing on her skills, experience, and values, Jaclyn realized that the speeches she gave as she traveled around to different colleges to collect data for her app was what truly inspired her and she leaned into that direction. (9:10)
  • Suneera discusses the valuable takeaways from Jaclyn’s journey and how you can implement those same successes and failures into your own business. (11:02)
  • Why failing is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business. Jacyln and Suneera discuss how failure is what allows you to learn everything you need to know to succeed. (17:08)
  • Jaclyn explains why she thinks the myth of motivation is an issue when it comes to being or wanting to be an entrepreneur and how accountability is what is actually the biggest driver for success. (25:46)

Resources mentioned:

One Thing by Gary Keller

Connect with Jaclyn:

IG: @jaclyn__gallo


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