How to Leverage Visualization as a Leader – From 9 Figure Founder, Suneera Madhani

Let me let you in on a secret 😏

Leaders aren’t born, They’re made.

Good leadership skills take practice, day in, and day out. And patterns like imposter
syndrome, self doubt, and negative self talk are way too easy to fall into.

After leaving my company, I realized that I had lost a bit of confidence (believe it or
not!). Could I ever be a good leader outside of my first business? Who was I, if not the
CEO of a unicorn company? So I started to journal around it. I grounded myself and
channeled my highest inner leader, because I’d lost touch with her amongst the
everyday chaos of the exit.

I went back to the visualization exercise that helped me get to where I am today and
I immediately felt better. And so, naturally, I wanted to share it with you.

First step: Take credit. We’re very fast to discard everything we’ve done and we’ve
normalized our milestones. Take a minute to notice them and congratulate yourself.

Second step: Practice this visualization exercise: Imagine you’re at the top of your
game – I’m talking HUGE: everything you’ve ever dreamed to be – and answer these
questions: Where are you? – What are you wearing? – Who are you with? – How does
it feel?

Lastly: Tap into HER and identify that you ARE her and you always have been.
When I do this exercise, I see myself wearing a suit, standing in a room of diverse,
female entrepreneurs and teaching with confidence and passion. My team is always
there supporting me and cheering me on.

So whenever I start to lose myself, or when I want to wear my CEO hat more
confidently; *that’s* who I channel.

Reminder: you are the CEO and YOU get to choose how you run this game.

With love,

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