How to Leverage Social Media to Build an Irresistible Brand with Stephanie Cartin

An entrepreneur from a young age, Stephanie Cartin, along with her business partner, walked away from their corporate gigs on the same day to start Socialfly, a social media marketing and influencing agency based in New York City. Stephanie is Co-Author of “Like, Love, Follow: The Entreprenista’s Guide to Using Social Media To Grow Your Business,” has appeared on Bloomberg,, Refinery29, and CheddarTV, and is a Co-Host of The Entreprenista Podcast. Stephanie is also a recipient of the SmartCEO Brava award, which recognizes the top female CEOs in New York and a Stevie Award for Women Run Workplace of the Year.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Stephanie shares how she felt the entrepreneurial pull early on in her life and went from doing sales and marketing in the hospitality industry to going all in on her own business (2:44)
  • Going all in on SocialFly, the power of networking, growing a team, and hitting the million dollar mark (8:53)
  • Why Stephanie focused on building a personal brand alongside the agency and how the Entreprenista podcast came to life (26:34)
  • Stephanie’s tips for sharing content on social media for businesses and personal brands, the benefit of having real conversations with your customers, and using your personal page to grow your business  (30:48)
  • Considerations when deciding whether to fuse your personal brand with your business and reasons why you may not want to (35:47)
  • Stephanie’s advice for when to use Tik Tok and the importance of of leveraging video in your social media (37:50)

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