How to Effectively Plan for the Year Ahead – By 9-Figure CEO, Suneera Madhani

I’m not a fan of the “I’ll start next year” mentality. I think hard work is the shortcut and starting NOW will bring better results than “waiting for the right time” ever will.


So, want to know what I had already done by October of this year? I had already planned out my 2024. Yup, you read that right. 


I believe that when it comes to our businesses (and lives), more often than not, we’re planning for the year a little too late. And since I’m all about helping you avoid the costly mistakes I made in my journey, this is your reminder to sit down and take the time to think about 2024 today. Not on Monday, not in January, TO-DAY. 


Feeling overwhelmed even thinking about it? Here’s how I plan for a -guaranteed- successful year:


First things first: An Annual Operating Plan.


Your AOP will be your company bible for the next twelve months with the right forecasting, right numbers, right revenue projections, right cost projections, and everything in between.


Make sure you base your AOPs on your journey: take a look at the year that just went by and understand where your cost centers lied and where your revenue came from.


Don’t forget to product base it! Take a look at your products: What product brought in the most revenue this Q1? What product did you spend the most energy on? Which ones are worth scaling and which ones are worth getting rid of?


Second: Think about your team. You know it and I know it: there are areas in your business where you could invest in for growth from a team perspective. Not only that, but, there might be some areas that need some shaping ✂️ To the salon!


I also love sharing my AOP with my team members and getting their opinions on it. What does YOUR team think about your goals?


Third, and here’s where I might get canceled: be selfish with your energy ⚡️


What did you love, like truly heart-on-fire enjoy this 2023? What did you hate and would never want to do again? Do you want freedom of time, freedom of dollar, or both?


Be genuine with where you spend your energy and make hard decisions like your life depends on it, because it does.


Listen, I know planning for the rest of the year is overwhelming but I love thinking about it as a new beginning: New opportunities that bring me closer to my wildest hopes and dreams. New opportunities to get better, be better, and do better.


So, my advice? Take it one step at a time but, make sure your first step is today, not January 1st, 2024.

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