How to do less and earn more: My top productivity tips – by 9-Figure Founder Suneera Madhani

I’m Suneera Madhani — a billion-dollar CEO, top 100 podcast host, and mom of two. And guess what? I’m not burned out, I still have time to do everything I enjoy, AND I love what I do. But it wasn’t always like this.
Here are my top tips for productivity that helped ME get to where I am today.

1️⃣ A morning routine. I swear by having a morning routine to help my brain shift from mode to ready to crush the day mode. Here’s my tip: Don’t be fooled by the internet of lengthy morning routines that are far from sustainable. Find something that works for YOU — even if it’s just making your bed or drinking your coffee. Then stick to it.

2️⃣ Before doing anything else in the morning, take five minutes for a brain dump. Dump all your ideas, to-do lists, thoughts: anything running through your mind in the morning. It’s important to clear all that noise as well as jot down any amazing creative juices flowing before you forget.

3️⃣ Do the hardest task first. IDK about you but, in my case, the tasks that require more brain power are usually my needle movers. Don’t save those for last: do them when your brain is fresh and see how better and accomplished you feel right after.

4️⃣ Take a break mid-day. I like my brain to be a walk. Getting fresh air and vitamin D is underrated and does wonders for productivity. This is a game changer for me: whenever I start feeling tired and my brain is telling me I need a break 👉🏽 I don’t judge, I listen.

5️⃣ Inbox Zero. Don’t go home without clearing your inbox. Having a decluttered inbox helps you stay productive by clearing out noise and micro-tasks that will only pile up.

6️⃣ End the day with gratitude for yourself. Your lists are long, you had a full day and put in the work. Acknowledge your discipline and tell yourself you are proud. It’s important for your brain to know it delivered.

Now you’re ready to have a productive day and REPEAT 🔂 👏🏽 Share this with your business buddy and follow for more CEO tips.

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