How to create follow-you-anywhere fans with Macy McNeely

Macy McNeely, co-founder and co-CEO of GUIDE Culture, has been changing the game of sales since 2016. After graduating from college and feeling the need for more in life, she bought into the material that her dad, Loy Day, had been teaching to his insurance staff for over 30 years. After experiencing the drastic change herself – in business and in life – she knew they had to share it with the world. From there, GUIDE Culture, a sales and leadership training, was born. As a team, they have been on a mission to make sales cool again. Macy deeply believes that life is a series of sales transactions. She is passionate about helping other people improve their mindset and take control of their life with the skills they teach in GUIDE Culture. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The beach trip that changed everything and how what Macy resisted learning from her dad became the basis of the business she runs today (1:54)
  • How sales skills applies to everything in our life and the impact of getting laser focused on one thing (6:00)
  • How Macy dealt with overwhelm in her business, the risks she took to invest in building a team to support her, and the importance of deciding you’ve already won (14:28)
  • Hiring team members who are self-motivated, driven and just as aligned with the vision of the company as you are  (22:49)
  • Macy teaches us why being liked and trusted is critical to selling effectively the most important thing you can do right now to start connecting more with your audience  (25:21)

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