How to Create, Cultivate and Exit: Meet Jaclyn Johnson, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor Helping Bridge the Funding Gap for Women

In a world where the echo of “You can’t have it all” often clouds the dreams of ambitious female founders, Jaclyn Johnson stands as a testament to the contrary. The latest CEO School podcast episode illuminates the journey of this powerhouse entrepreneur, revealing not just the roadmap to her success but igniting a beacon for all women in the entrepreneurial arena.

The Spark Behind Create & Cultivate

Jaclyn, the brains behind Create & Cultivate, carved a sanctuary for millennial women to unite under the banner of business. It’s a place where dreams are not just shared but strategically chased.

Her initiative was born from a gap—a glaring absence of a space that spoke to her as a young entrepreneur. Jaclyn didn’t wait for an invitation; she built the room she wished to be in, a lesson in resourcefulness and audacity for every aspiring founder.

From One Vision to Multiple Ventures

But why stop at one successful enterprise? Jaclyn’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t just settle with Create & Cultivate. She ventured further, co-founding Cherub, an app connecting angel investors with entrepreneurs, and launching The Blueprint Mastermind alongside Alli Webb and Marina Middleton.

Jaclyn’s portfolio of ventures showcases a critical truth: women are not monoliths confined to a single success story. We are multi-faceted beings with the capacity to explore, build, and triumph in varied arenas.

The Power of Networking and Being in the Room

Jaclyn’s journey underscores the unmatched value of networking and physically “being in the room.” Her advice is golden—digital platforms have their place, but the irreplaceable energy of in-person connections is where the magic truly happens.

This is where ideas meet opportunity, where serendipity greets strategy. It’s a reminder to step out from behind the screen, to immerse oneself in the environments where future collaborators and supporters gather.

Navigating the Road to Multiple Successes

For those wondering how to manage multiple passions or ventures, Jaclyn’s strategy is simple yet profound: partnership. Recognizing what you bring to the table, then partnering with others to fill the gaps, can amplify your impact without spreading yourself too thin. It’s about playing to your strengths and finding comrades whose visions align with yours.

A Call to Female Founders

To the women standing at the precipice of their entrepreneurial journey, feeling the weight of uncertainty, Jaclyn’s story is a clarion call to leap. It’s a narrative woven with threads of resilience, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

So, if you’re ready to be inspired, to learn from the best, and to truly believe that nothing is out of reach, give this episode a listen. Let Jaclyn and Suneera guide you through the realities of entrepreneurship with grace, grit, and a dash of wit. Who knows? This might just be the push you need to take that leap of faith into your next big venture.

Remember, in the realm of entrepreneurship, you’re never alone. So, let’s create, cultivate, and elevate together. Your journey to the top is just getting started, and the CEO School podcast is here to accompany you every step of the way.

Always rooting for you,

The CEO School Team

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