How to correctly identify your ICA – from 9 figure founder, Suneera Madhani

Who is your ICA, really? When it comes to identifying your Ideal Client Avatar, the risk of trying to be liked by everyone is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Hear me out: you became a loyal customer to your favorite brands, not because no other brand provides that service/product, but because their mission, story, and ways of working resonated with you. They told their story in a way that caught your eye, and from that moment on, cha-ching 💸, customer for life.

Your ICA doesn’t care if you lean into strong opinions: they’re right there with you. They love you and support you for it, even. They don’t need you to be liked by everyone else. They need you to make them feel like you’re reading their minds.

Now, how to identify your ICA correctly? Here are my top 3 tips: 

1️. Get to know your client

Start by asking questions, listening actively, and don’t reinvent the wheel with every new encounter: stick to the same ten questions and ask as many different people as you can… you guessed it: Those same ten questions.

Bonus: Don’t be stopped by a small following or other people’s communities. There’s countless places to connect with your tribe. Put yourself out there and press the “start” button.

2️. Identify the problem

What may seem like a physical or financial problem might very well be emotional, or vice versa. Discern correctly while staying objective. As the expert, it’s also your job to discern what your client “thinks” is their problem vs. what they actually need. Talk to them on their terms.

Remember: the idea here is not to play into their fear, but instead identify the very real opportunity of cost of not prioritizing their specific issue.

3️. Make space for diversity

You might be surprised to find the diversity among your ICA. Make space for it by answering demographic questions like: gender, age, race, sexuality, income, language, or education. Make sure you understand why and if they’re relevant.

Don’t worry, practice makes perfect. And since I know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in an ever-growing market, let’s break down your next steps to ease your mind 👇🏽


  • Identify your ICA’s distinctive characteristics
  • Understand their pain points and what they’ve done in the past to try to solve it
  • Book five to ten 1:1 conversations with someone in your network and ask them relevant questions to help you understand them better

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