How to Build a Sales Funnel – From 9-Figure Founder, Suneera Madhani

Dear female founder: Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you should be clear on these 2 things:

1️⃣ How you are reaching your ideal customer

2️⃣ How you go from your ICA’s awareness to closing them as a customer

A sales funnel is the roadmap your ICA embarks on from the moment they’re first exposed to your offering until they’re (ideally) begging you to take their money! And, believe me, all of the steps in this process are highly important.

Now, this roadmap needs to be nurturing. Your customers won’t want to buy from you based on their very first interaction with your brand.

Think about an actual funnel: A backward triangle, the heaviest side on top. Now, let me break this down for you using CEO School’s example for a better understanding.

The top of the funnel is your ICA’s first interaction with you and it is, naturally, the step in the marketing funnel process where you’ll see the highest influx of people. In CEO School’s case, our TOFU (Top of The Funnel) are all of our free resources: Between all of our social media platforms, our ads, and The CEO School Podcast, our TOFU population is in the millions.

Now, the MOFU represents your warm leads: MOFU: People who are in the middle of your funnel are educating themselves with your resources and engaging in your network. They usually want to move to the bottom of the funnel and they just need a little push to make that buying decision.

Inside CEO School, our MOFU consists of women who have subscribed to our email list and follow our emails closely, who download all of our freebies & attend all of our webinars, and who are loyal fans who like to stay on top of what’s happening inside our community.

Ready for the best part?

The BOFU represents your buying customers: Congratulations! You’ve nurtured your ICA into believing in your mission and giving you their money.

KEY: Remind your MOFU audience that they went through the journey and show them WHY. Remind them of your product. Remind them of their abandoned cart. Take advantage of your warmest leads!

Ready to build YOUR sales funnel? Start here ⤵️


  • Make a map: The first thing that you need to map out is where your customer starts their first interaction with you and the final stop on that map should be when they pay with their credit card.
  • Classify YOUR customers, identify which of them are in the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel, and identify what they look like on each milestone.

Good luck, future marketing expert!

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