Know your Worth: Sal and Suneera Unveil Their Next Unicorn – the First Ever Credit Score for your Business

Unleashing Potential: The Worth AI Revolution

In an electrifying episode of CEO School, we dive deep with Suneera Madhani and her brother Sal Rehmetullah, the dynamic duo behind the groundbreaking fintech Worth AI. This isn’t just another business venture—it’s a rebellion against the status quo, a mission to democratize financial health for businesses, especially amplifying the voices and worth of women and people of color long marginalized in their financial journeys.

Partners in Progress: Breaking Boundaries Together

Picture this: Suneera and Sal, rooted in their experience as children of immigrants, conquering the fintech world not once but twice. With Worth AI, Suneera and Sal are not just launching a product; they’re launching a movement to redefine how businesses, especially those led by underrepresented entrepreneurs, access the capital they so rightfully deserve. It’s a story of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to equity.

Worth AI: Your Business’s Financial Superpower

Imagine a world where your business’s financial health is not just a number but a robust, dynamic score that opens doors to unprecedented opportunities. Worth AI does exactly that. By harnessing the power of AI, Suneera and Sal are setting the stage for a future where every entrepreneur has the tools to thrive, where your worth is recognized, validated, and celebrated.

Join the Movement: Elevate Your Business’s Worth

This episode of CEO School isn’t just a podcast; it’s a call to action for every entrepreneur who’s ever felt overlooked by the traditional financial system. With Worth AI, you’re not just getting a credit score; you’re getting a champion in your corner, a platform that believes in your potential and is here to help you realize it.

A Legacy in the Making: Changing the Game for Good

As we stand on the brink of this fintech revolution, it’s clear that Worth AI is more than just Suneera and Sal’s latest venture. It’s a legacy—a promise to future generations that the world of business finance will be more inclusive, equitable, and empowering. It’s a testament to the fact that when women and people of color make more money, we all win.

Dive In: The Worth AI Journey Begins

So, grab your headphones and tune into CEO School. Let Suneera and Sal take you on their Worth AI journey—a journey from idea to impact, from barriers to breakthroughs. This isn’t just their story; it’s our story, a narrative of empowerment, growth, and the relentless pursuit of worth for every entrepreneur daring to dream.

Remember, when women and minorities step into their financial power, the world shifts. Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to Worth AI.

See you at the top,

The CEO School team

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