From Underestimated to Forbes 30 Under 30: How Rajia Abdelaziz is Creating Life Saving Tech to Combat Violence Against Women

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Welcome to another empowering episode at CEO School, where today, we’re diving deep into a story that’s not just about starting a business. It’s about starting a revolution. It’s about Rajia Abdelaziz, a vibrant, young founder whose journey from fearing for her safety to safeguarding millions, proves that when the world doubts you, it’s your cue to stand taller.

The Spark of Innovation

Imagine being a 21-year-old woman, fresh out of college, turning down Google (yes, the Google) to start your own company. Sounds like a plot twist only Hollywood could conjure up, right? But Rajia did just that. She founded invisaWear after a chilling encounter that could have turned her into another statistic. Instead, she chose to become a statistic changer.

invisaWear creates jewelry and accessories with safety technology hidden inside. “I get compliments all the time on our necklaces and bracelets, and no one has any idea that they actually have a button hidden on the backside,” Rajia shares. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a guardian angel you can wear.

A Path Paved with Persistence: Overcoming the Odds

However, Rajia’s path was anything but strewn with rose petals. She faced sexism, racism, ageism – the unholy trinity of start-up world barriers. Yet, her resolve was unbreakable. “Facing skepticism is part of every founder’s journey. What defines us is not the doubts of others, but our unwavering belief in what’s possible,” Rajia reflects. One investor dismissed her solely based on her age, labeling her as “too young” and inexperienced to warrant an investment. Yet, this initial rejection didn’t deter her resolve. Instead, it fueled her determination to prove the naysayers wrong.

Believe in the Impossible

So, how did she do it? How did Rajia turn skeptics into believers?

Relentless Belief in Her Mission: Rajia knew the value of what she was building. She wasn’t just selling a product; she was selling peace of mind, a safety net, and empowerment. By steadfastly believing in her mission and tirelessly networking, Rajia eventually connected with angel investors in the Boston area who shared the same vision.

Finding the Right Allies: When she connected with people who saw her vision – she realized it was not through the lens of profit, but through the impact it could create. “Every ‘no’ brings you closer to the ‘yes’ that changes everything.” Persistence in the face of rejection is the entrepreneur’s true test, and Rajia was one worth her salt.

The Power of Community

For all the female founders out there, feeling the weight of doubt and disbelief, remember Rajia’s story. She turned her fear into fuel, skepticism into support, and a personal nightmare into a global safety net.

Rajia’s journey teaches a valuable lesson: “perseverance and the right community can turn skepticism into support, transforming the very doubts that once seemed like barriers into stepping stones for success.”

To the women reading this, embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, faced with naysayers at every turn – let Rajia’s story be a reminder. Your idea has the power to change the world. It only takes one person to believe in it wholeheartedly: you.

A Call to Action: Your Journey Awaits

So, go ahead, wear your passion like a badge of honor, and march on. The world needs more Rajias, more innovators who look beyond the hurdles and see the horizon.

Join us at CEO School, where we’re not just building businesses; we’re building dreams, reshaping the future, and proving that nothing bad happens when women make more money – in fact, the world becomes a safer place.

To all the fearless female founders out there, remember: when no one believes in you, it’s your time to shine brighter. Your journey is just beginning, and we’re here to cheer you on every step of the way.

To your unyielding spirit and inevitable success,

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