From Opening for Nicki Minaj to Millions in Revenue: Mary Seats and How She Built Cupcake Mafia and the Largest Coworking Space for Women

In this week’s episode of CEO School, we stumbled upon a serendipitous moment in Austin, Texas, that turned into one of the most inspiring sessions yet. Suneera Madhani, our ever-energetic host, crossed paths with Mary Seats – a powerhouse of resilience and brilliance in the world of entrepreneurship. Mary’s story is not just a narrative; it’s a masterclass in transforming fear into fuel.

A Familiar Face, An Unplanned Success

Imagine sitting in a panel discussion, sharing insights on success, and locking eyes with someone who embodies the very essence of your message. That’s exactly what happened to Suneera when she spotted Mary in the audience. It was a reminder that real success, the kind that stories are made of, happens when you step out from behind the screen and into the room where magic unfolds.

Mary Seats: The Queen of Pivot

Mary’s journey from a female rapper opening shows with hardly an audience to a CEO building a billion-dollar business is nothing short of cinematic. Her pivot from music to fashion, creating the Cupcake Mafia brand, and clinching a $1.4 million order from Forever 21 is the stuff of legends. But it’s her vulnerability, her loss, and her climb back to the top that truly define her.

Fired from her own company, Mary found herself on an airbed above a retail store she owned, plotting her comeback. This wasn’t just a setback; it was a setup for a remarkable resurgence. With a blend of humility and hustle, Mary ventured into digital communities, building Girl Mobb and opening The Bakery CoWork and The Icing Agency, creating a haven for female entrepreneurs.

The Power of Being in the Room

Mary’s narrative is a testament to the power of presence. It’s about showing up, sans expectations, and building genuine connections. It’s a lesson in resilience, in navigating the potholes of entrepreneurship without losing sight of your destination. Her advice? Embrace the potholes. They’re part of the journey to success.

A Call to Action for Every Aspiring Founder

If you’re standing at the precipice of your entrepreneurial journey, teetering on the edge of action and hesitation, let Mary Seats’ story be the wind beneath your wings. Fear of starting out, fear of failure, is natural. But what if, beyond that fear, lies your billion-dollar business?

Join us at the CEO School podcast, as we explore Mary’s story, drawing lessons not just on building businesses, but on building life-rich in purpose, passion, and persistence.

Yours in success,

The CEO School team.

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Remember, every founder’s journey starts with a single step. Let Mary Seats inspire you to take yours.

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