Equitable Wealth for All : How to Achieve Your First Million with Arlan Hamilton

What’s up, CEO School squad? Buckle up because we’re diving into an episode that’s pure fire, featuring the unstoppable force that is Arlan Hamilton. This isn’t just another CEO School podcast episode; it’s a wake-up call to every woman who’s ever been told “no,” to every dreamer turned doer, and especially to our women of color and first-gen immigrants hustling to make their mark. If you’re craving a dose of “heck yes, I can,” you’re in the right place.

The Unfiltered Road to a Million

Arlan Hamilton’s journey from sleeping at an airport to steering Backstage Capital and penning bestsellers is nothing short of legendary. But here’s the real kicker: she’s just getting started. Arlan is on a mission with “Your First Million Live” to light a fire under each of us, proving once and for all that the path to your dreams is paved with grit, gumption, and a whole lot of heart.

Why This Episode is a Must-Listen

Ever felt like you’re on the brink of something big, but just need that push? Arlan’s words are the fuel. “I’m not afraid to fail in public… you have to kind of go for it,” she declares. This episode isn’t just about soaking in Arlan’s wisdom; it’s about seeing yourself in her story and realizing if she can, why can’t you?

Get In the Room – Where Magic Happens

Both Arlan and Suneera are big on one thing: getting in the room. Networking isn’t about swapping LinkedIn profiles; it’s about being where growth happens, where ideas flourish, and where, as Arlan puts it, “wherever I am, that’s where the party is.” This episode underlines the power of showing up, literally and metaphorically.

“Your First Million Live” – Be There or Be Square

Arlan’s gearing up for “Your First Million Live,” and let’s just say, this event is setting up to be the Met Gala of entrepreneurship. Think Issa Rae, Gary Vee, and even TLC lighting up the stage, all under one roof. Trust us, you’ll want to say you were there when it all went down.

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Why You Can’t Miss This Episode

This isn’t just about Arlan’s journey or the stellar lineup of “Your First Million Live.” It’s a reminder that your voice matters, your dreams count, and with the right nudge, there’s no ceiling too high. So, if you’re ready to be inspired, to shake the earth under your feet, and to step into your power, this episode is your battleground call. Ready to rewrite the rules?

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