Dr. Manasa Mantravadi on Creating a Safe Dinnerware for Kids, the Importance of Finding Your Community, and the Power of Taking Risks

Dr. Manasa Mantravadi is a board certified pediatrician who practices in Indiana as a Pediatric Hospitalist. She takes care of children who are ill enough to be admitted to the hospital and cares for them in this setting. She received her medical degree from IU School of Medicine and completed pediatric residency at Northwestern University/Lurie Children’s Hospital. She trained at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for fellowship in Endocrinology.

Most recently, she launched the world’s first colorful stainless steel dinnerware for kids, Ahimsa, after the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended using glass or stainless steel instead of plastic in 2018. She is now on the Council for Environmental Health at the AAP and educates parents about endocrine disrupting chemicals in plastic and other consumer goods to empower them to make evidence-based decisions for their family.

In 2019, Dr. Mantravadi received the “Physician Mentor of the Year” award at Indiana University School of Medicine, the largest medical school in the country. She is an ambassador for The Patachou Foundation – a local organization in Indianapolis that serves healthy meals to children facing food insecurity. She enjoys connecting with children, parents and students to discuss simple, practical ways to improve human and environmental health. She is on a mission to help create a safer, kinder and healthier future for all kids. In her spare time, she loves to hip-hop dance with her children and husband.

In this episode, you’ll hear:  

  • Dr. Manasa Mantravadi shares her mission to create a safer, kinder, and healthier future for all kids while educating parents along the way and her journey to becoming a pediatrician
  • Reverting back to her roots, Dr. Mantravadi explains how the solution to combat household plastics came from her own home growing up
  • She explains that the biggest key to her success was networking with women and helping others 
  • The importance of staying open to opportunities, taking risks and finding your community
  • Some of the most challenging moments she’s faced in the last two years, what she anticipates for her brand in the future and why entrepreneurship can be lonelier as you grow more successful 
  • Her transition from solopreneurship to entrepreneurship and how she grew her team

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