Creating a More Human Workplace with Erica Keswin

Erica is a workplace strategist who has worked for the past twenty years with some of the most iconic brands in the world as a consultant, speaker, author, and professional dot-connector.

Her bestselling book, Bring Your Human to Work: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That’s Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World, was published by McGraw-Hill in the fall of 2018. Her second book, Rituals Roadmap: The Human Way to Transform Everyday Routines Into Workplace Magic (McGraw-Hill), was published in January 2021 and made the Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly and USA Today best seller lists.

Erica’s work and insights can be seen in various media outlets, including Harvard Business Review, NY Post, Forbes, Huffington Post, O Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Mogul, Conscious Company, Quartz, and Fast Company. Recent keynotes, workshops, and webinars (virtual and IRL) include the American Red Cross, SXSW, TIAA, IBM, New York Times, HighTower Associates, AllianceBernstein, Standard Industries, Banfield Pet Hospital, and Radio Flyer.

Erica was named one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Top 100 Coaches in 2020, as well as one of Business Insider’s most innovative coaches of 2020.  In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Erica shares what it means to be a workplace strategist, why it’s important to develop a proper company culture, and how this impacts employees and their performances (2:21)
  • What aligning your values looks like in a company, and how women can design workplaces that are good for people and for the world. (6:31)
  • What is a ritual, what are the impact of rituals and how can you create rituals organically? Erica explains how a ritual goes beyond its practical purpose. She shares some anecdotes of clients’ rituals in the workplace and what rituals can look like in your personal life!  (13:36)
  • Suneera shares her favorite Stax ritual – “Last Day Namaste” and how it started as a small team ritual and expanded to the whole company. Erica details why rituals such as Last Day Namaste are integral to company culture and allows for businesses to retain employees because of the 3 P’s (Psychological Safety, Purpose and Performance) (20:11)
  • Where do you start and what frameworks should you begin to implement in order to build your defined culture from the bottom up? Erica shares her tips to help you head in the right direction including looking at your top 10 list, what your onboarding process looks like and finding ways to make your values come to life (28:54)

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