Christina Galbato on Growing a Community on Instagram, Working With Brands, and Leveraging Your Influence

Christina Galbato is a travel blogger, content creator, and online educator. Through her blog, podcast, and online courses, she not only inspires women to travel, but also helps influencers grow engaged audiences, create quality content, and build profitable online businesses. She is the host of the top-rated Her Life By Design Podcast and has been featured in publications like CNN and Forbes.  Since launching her business in 2016, she has grown an audience of over 500,000 people online, helped thousands of women build careers online as influencers and bloggers, and has partnered with brands like Ritz-Carlton, lululemon and Mazda.

  • How her passion started as a hobby and led to creating an online empire. (3:24)
  • The value in a side hustle and giving yourself time to figure out what’s next, instead of taking the entrepreneur leap right away. (6:20)
  • The misconception that travel blogging is all about free trips; there is always a balance between actually enjoying your travels and creating content for brands. (10:30)
  • Creating boundaries around work and expanding her business to launch an online course (14:10)
  • Christina gives valuable business tips for growing an audience on Instagram and positioning yourself as a content creator to work with brands. (17:57)
  • Why even though the internet is full of influencers, there’s always room for you (25:35)
  • Building a team, outsourcing, and why blogging isn’t dead in 2020 (28:56)

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