Catriona Harris on How to Know When You’re Ready for PR, Tips for Getting Featured, and Upleveling Your Brand Messaging

Catriona Harris co-founded Uproar PR in 2011.  She oversees the daily operations of the agency and provides the vision for new initiatives and strategies that will drive outstanding results for clients.  Prior to starting Uproar, Catriona was the Vice President of East Coast Operations for a San Francisco-based PR firm who specialized in Tech PR. She prides herself on always pushing just a little bit harder to get the absolute best results. In her free time you will find her running a half marathon, baking with her two daughters or exploring the country with her husband and kids as they attempt to conquer all 50 states as a family. Catriona grew up in California and graduated with her B.A. in Communications from Saint Mary’s College of California. She is also on the Executive Board for the Orlando Science.  The Orlando Business Journal named her one of the Forty under 40 in both 2009 and 2011 and CEO of the Year in 2017.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Catriona’s beginnings in PR were accidental with her first job out of college where she discovered her passion to tell a company’s story. (3:16)
  • Some of the ways Catriona was able to discover balance for her family and growing business that currently has offices around the nation. (9:58)
  • Tips and tricks on getting noticed by the media, as well as insights on branding and pitching your business. (13:31)
  • PR expertise on a brand’s story and how Catriona views messaging and compiles that together for a business. (22:32)
  • War stories from building a business and different things Catriona wish she’d known when she was getting started. (25:59)

Connect with Catriona:


Instagram: @catrionaharris @uproarpragency


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